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Join an amazing group of men driven to live a life of purpose, meaning, & high performance.

Live Your Healthiest, Happiest Life

Enough of feeling stuck, without purpose, lacking discipline, bad habits, and declining health

That BS ends now. 🐮 💩 

Finding meaning, living with purpose, and building high-performance habits come down to more than just effort. Each individual is unique and needs a custom approach to his specific life. 

We're here to help you find what works for you.

What to Expect

Accountability, Support, & Connection

  • 👨 Your own profile to build meaningful relationships with like-minded guys
  • 💙 An amazing community of like-minded, purpose-driven men.
  • 📱 Bi-Weekly Team Accountability Calls to get direct feedback on your biggest challenges and engage in meaningful discussion
  • 🏆  A place to share your wins & progress with the group


  • 👨‍🎓  Access to PER Academy 20+ videos and worksheets covering the fundamentals of health from mindset to nutrition to sleep
  • 📕 Monthly Book Club with a focus on personal development
  • ✏️ Helpful Resources. Our top tools, tech, and material to help you during your journey

Exclusive Mentorship

  • 💻  Monthly LIVE Q&A Coaching Calls with Tim
  • 🔑  First Access 1:1 & Cohort programs and retreats
  • 🎥  Videos of our webinars and interviews
  • 🔥  In-Person Events including weekend retreats & local meet-ups

Your Tribe Awaits

GROW with real men like YOU; fathers, accountants, doctors, creatives, entrepreneurs, sons, brothers, and everything in between.

Shared Values
Transparency, growth, connectedness, trust.

Open & Challenging Connections
Men that are sick of dealing with the stigmas that hold us back from feeling our best.

From Surviving to THRIVING
Build connections with men going through similar challenges.

A note from our founder.

For 4 years, I struggled with depression, anxiety, weight gain, and finding purpose in life. 

I felt like I had to figure it out on my own, didn't want to burden anyone with my challenges, and really had nowhere to turn for support.

After opening up about my journey in March of 2021, I've spoken with 300+ men about their challenges. They expressed how much it helped them to hear that someone else was experiencing something similar. 

They too were struggling and felt like someone finally understood what they were going through. 

There was a consistent theme of what was missing in these guys' life - a community of like-minded people they could go to for support & accountability, wellness education, open conversation, and camaraderie. 

This is where I found our Purpose:

To create an amazing network of guys to lean on for support, accountability, & knowledge to help live a life full of meaning, purpose, & great health!

Let's get started. 🖤

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